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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: What is an array?

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From: Loyd <Loydlin@aol.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2004100316:33:48
Subject: Re: arrays

"6	Math., Statistics a systematic arrangement of numbers or symbols in
rows and columns."

That is from the Websters New World Dictionary CD Rom I just bought.

It can be an orderly arrangement of almost anything such as troops,
antennas etc.  

In math, we use determinants and matrices which are arrays of numbers
that aid in solving equations and other problems.  But that is not
usually studied until one gets into algebra.  

Teaching colleges are using the language in lower grades of math just
to get the young students aquainted with the math terminology that
they will run into later.  Some people here have talked about arrays
of primes, or factors etc.  which is a good example.

You might go to Ask Jeaves or Google to find examples of worksheets.  

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