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A new law mandates that, starting in 2005, schools that receive federal funds from the U.S. Department of Education "implement an educational program pertaining to the United States Constitution...." The U. S. Courts offer educational outreach resources, such as "Constitution Day is Every Day at the Federal Courts."

Appropriate activities in mathematics classes might involve:

  • time, dates
  • money, budget, value, amounts
  • numbers, population, percentages

What resources have you been using with your mathematics students on Constitution Day? We are compiling this page of resources and will continue to update it as more resources are suggested.

Send suggestions to us using this form.


Web Resources

  • 100 Milestone Documents
    The list of 100 milestone documents was compiled by the National Archives and Records Administration and drawn primarily from its nationwide holdings. The documents chronicle United States history from 1776 to 1965.

  • Centuries of Citizenship: A Constitutional Timeline
    These timeline entries, taken as a whole, tell the evolving story of the U.S. Constitution and the continuing role that it plays in our lives. Broadband and low bandwidth versions are available.

  • The Constitution
    A mural by Barry Faulkner. Place your cursor on the image to view numbers that correspond to the list of names.

  • Constitution Day, September 17th 2005
    Resources for Educators, Federal Employees, Parents, and Individuals

  • U. S. Electoral College
    A detailed account of the Electoral College and its role in electing the President.


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