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What are some activities I can use with my class for the 100th Day of school?

In many elementary classrooms, counting the days of school has become an important math class ritual. Students count each day of school, looking for number patterns on the calendar, and counting the days by twos, fives, and tens. With students focusing their attention on the calendar, it is easy to find many days to celebrate. A favorite day in many classrooms is 100th Day.

While the 100th Day can be a lot of fun, it is important to remember the mathematical significance of the celebration. Counting up to 100 for the 100th day of school gives teachers many special opportunities to investigate place value.

The following example involves using manipulatives to "see" how our number system works. Students can use straws (or small sticks) to represent each day. This way, the concept of "grouping by tens" can be represented concretely as they add a new straw to the collection every day. The straws are kept as single units until there are ten, when they are bundled together and held with a rubber band. By the time they reach the 100th Day the students have bundled nine groups of 10 and are ready to form a tenth group. Now it is time to "re-bundle" all ten groups into a new, larger bundle of 100. (If 10 makes a bundle, then a group of 100 might be called a "super-bundle"). By celebrating the 100th Day of school, teachers help their students see that 100 is a special number in the Base 10 number system.

In the following discussions and links to Web resources, you will find many ideas to make your 100th Day a memorable experience for your students.


T2T discussion about the 100th day:

100th Day activities
I'm looking for activities I can do with my students on the 100th Day of school. It is still a few weeks away, but I'd really like to prepare some lessons that are fun and that will also help my students investigate the number 100. What have you done with your classes? ...view discussion>>

A calendar "Bulletin Board"
I am a student teacher in England, and I have recently finished my second teaching practice. At the school I was working in (infants school), they did this thing with the children called the "Bulletin Board," where there was a calendar format on a board, and the children counted the number of days they had been at school, and talked about the days of the week, months of the year.....if there are any places there that would be worth visiting to research the Bulletin Board and how to teach it, please tell me about them!...view discussion>>

T2T discussions about the 10's, 100's, 1000's:

Magical number ten
How do I introduce the concept of thousandth to Grade 5, based on their prior knowledge of tenths and hundredths? Can you recommend activities for teaching the concept? ...view discussion>>

How do I introduce the concept of thousandth to Grade 5, based on their prior knowledge of tenths and hundredths? Can you recommend activities for teaching the concept? ...view discussion>>

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   Problems of the Week: [requires membership to access]

One Hundred - posted October 26, 1998 [print version]
Find a way to express one hundred with the given digits.


Literature connections:

Students' mathematical understanding can be enhanced through literature selected for its mathematical connections. The following books are available through
The 100th Day of School (Hello Reader. Level 2)
by Angela Shelf Medearis, Joan Holub (Illustrator)

100 Days of School
by Trudy Harris, Beth Griffis Johnson (Illustrator)

100th Day Worries
by Margery Cuyler, Arthur Howard (Illustrator)

Emily's First 100 Days of School
by Rosemary Wells

Fluffy's 100th Day At School
by Mavis Smith (Illustrator), Kate H. McMullan

From One to One Hundred (Picture Puffins)
by Teri Sloat

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten
by Joseph Slate, Ashley Wolff (Illustrator)

One Hundred Hungry Ants
by Bonnie Mac Kain (Illustrator), Bonnie MacKain (Illustrator), Elinor J. Pinczes

One Hundred Is a Family
by Pam Munoz Ryan, Benrei Huang (Illustrator), Erin McCormack (Editor)


Books for reference:

Here are some suggested books that can be used to develop classroom activities linked to
100Th-Day Count-Up Calendar
by Scholastic Prof Books

100th Day of School Activities
by by Hope Blecher-Sass, Cynthia Holzschuher

Mini Gift Books for Your Class-100th Day of School
by Scholastic Prof Books


Resources on the Web:

100s and 1000s - Horsham Primary School; WimmeraNet
An Internet project from Horsham, Victoria, Australia. Activities about 100s and 1000s, a Wimmera Global Classroom project coordinated by Ian Clough at Horsham 298 to recognize the beginning and end of a century and a millennium.

100th Day of School Celebration - Loogootee Community Schools, Loogootee, Indiana
A collection of interactive and other suggested classroom activities for celebrating the 100th day of school, for kids ages 8-14. A 100 E-Mail Messages Project invites your class to exchange e-mail worldwide, linking geography and language arts with a math activity. ...more>>

The 100th Day of School: Resources for celebrating the 100 days of school
A to Z Teacher Stuff, L.L.C. site provides links to Printables & Worksheets, Thematic Units and Ideas, Book Activities, Fun Stuff, Resources, Books and Other Stuff.

100th Day of School Website - Joan Holub
A site created by Joan Holub, illustrator of the book, The 100th Day of School by Angela Medearis (Scholastic), to encourage and enhance 100th Day celebrations in schools. ...more>>

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