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Teacher2Teacher(T2T) is a question-and-answer service supporting the needs of the mathematics teaching community. T2T is staffed by a panel of teaching professionals, called Teacher2Teacher Associates, who answer questions received by the service.

T2T provides an invaluable service to the mathematics teaching community and offers a rewarding experience for our Teacher2Teacher Associates. Its benefits include:

  1. using the experience as part of a teaching portfolio;
  2. learning new ideas and gathering information about math teaching while reading colleagues' responses to questions;
  3. having dialogue with other teachers around issues related to math education;
  4. belonging to a network of math educators;
  5. being reflective about teaching through online conversations;
  6. remaining in touch with the classroom even when away from it;
  7. receiving appreciation for the work through thank-you notes that show us we are valued for the help we provide.

In addition to the above benefits, tenured Teacher2Teachers Associates have the first hand opportunity to participate in other projects and research offered to teachers at the Math Forum.

You are invited to apply to become a member of the panel of Teacher2Teacher Associates, teaching professionals who answer qustions received by T2T. To learn more about the Teacher2Teacher Associate program in the meantime, and let us know your interest, please contact the T2T administrators.

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