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Final exams

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From: Alice (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Feb 17, 2003 at 22:27:53
Subject: Re: Final exams

I have been looking for research on whether finals are good for the
students. All I found were standardized test results from their makers and
states,  and ridicule from home school parents about tests.

I personally believe the kids nowadays are tested to death anyway.  I'd
rather spend the class time having them learn something with projects or
other enrichment topics.

If you want to give a final as a challenge, or a game and let the kids learn
from it, try some of the SAT practice tests, or advanced placement preps, or
contests that are put out on the Internet on all levels. Kids will like the

The Math Forum has practice calculus problems of the week, there are other
sites from all over the world with challenging contests. (COMAP, Making
Mathematics, Knot theory sites, NASA model building sites...)

I was a little upset about the attendance requirement. I believe that if a
student can learn from someone or something besides me, it should make no
difference that he/she had perfect atendance. But then, in some places I'm
considered to have radical ideas.

 -Alice, for the T2T service

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