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Technology integration

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From: Claudia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 23, 1998 at 22:23:42
Subject: Re: Technology integration

The main thing is to allow oneself to take "small steps."  We had a wonderful 
gentleman give a talk, and he empowered the group to go forth as Trojan Mice!  
What a great image, and that is the way for teachers to feel good about 

Another idea would be to bring a teacher into the school or district who can 
take one piece of software and have the teachers go through some lessons (as 
they apply to the math, not just to the technology). I had a dear friend who 
would say that you "have to give them a NEED to know." 

When I go into school districts and do technology training I always 
incorporate how a lesson in class or a project assignment might go. It is 
important to make the teachers feel COMFORTABLE... not overwhelmed!

One basic tool that the teachers could start with is a spreadsheet. Most 
school systems have one and they are super for LOTS of math!

I hope this helps. I know I sound generic, but I don't want to overwhelm. You 
also need to find software for the teachers that is user-friendly. It is not 
worth the effort if it takes the faculty many months to learn how to use it!

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