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Use of the StudyWorks math/science program in middle/high school

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To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Feb 28, 1999 at 10:47:43
Subject: Use of the StudyWorks math/science program in middle/high school

I posed the following question to Dr.Math and was requested to ask T2T. Your comments and/or advice will be appreciated. I am an 18 year school board member in a small northwest Michigan school. Until recently, I was also the school computer "guru" primarily because so few of our teachers took the time to become "computer literate". I've tried my best to get our middle and high school math teachers to at least take a look at MathSoft's MathCad. Then a couple of years ago MathSoft introduced StudyWorks that incorporates much of MathCad plus components in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science. Still no luck in getting our top High School teacher to take a look but she did recommend that I look at your website, and include it in my educational web page: (www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/3651) I already had included a link to Swarthmore which she did not realize. My question is to ask if you are familiar enough with Studyworks to recommend it as a supplement to our math/science curriculum? Coming from you, it will carry more weight than from this old board member who has had a fair education but is NOT a teacher. Thank you, Allen Pecar, Mancelona, Michigan

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