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Math Haters

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From: Judy K. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Mar 07, 1999 at 18:59:57
Subject: Re: Math Haters

I'm not sure what grade level you teach, but I am a middle school teacher and
often have students who have "learned" to dislike mathematics. Often these
students have been exposed to rule-driven curricula and they don't memorize
rules very well and haven't had enough exposure to conceptual understandings.

You need to find activities or a program that teaches for conceptual
understandings. I am using CONNECTED MATHEMATICS and students report that
they like mathematics for the first time ever. They have increased their
understandings because they are involved in the mathematics and need to solve
problems in a variety of ways vs. using a "rule" or formulaic approach.

There are wonderful programs that teach this way at all levels.
INVESTIGATIONS is good at the elementary level.
I hope you can find a program that helps. If you are attending regional or
national math conferences, you should look for these.

-Judy K., for the Teacher2Teacher service

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