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NSF's connected mathematics

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From: Judy K. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 13, 1999 at 01:56:07
Subject: Re: NSF's connected mathematics

I want to respond to your request, but there is hardly enough room or time to do justice to the Connected Mathematics Project. I have been using these materials for three years in a mixed ability classroom of seventh graders in Boulder, Colorado. I have seen students grasp concepts that my previous 7th graders never mastered. This has been due to the fact that concepts are presented in depth and not for just a few pages in a text book. Students explore big ideas for a few weeks and, although these ideas are based on one strand of mathematics, e.g. algebra, they connect to all mathematics strands as well as to other curricular areas. There is a classroom presentation called a launch followed by explorations in groups, pairs, or individually. Finally the class gets together for a summary of learnings. Problem solving and meaningful discourse is emphasized. I would love to give you more meaningful information geared to your grade level. There is also a web site for CMP where you can learn more about this award winning program. Yes, it deserves the high ratings it has earned. The web address is.. http://www.mth.msu.edu/cmp/ Please take time to visit the site and ask more questions if you have them. -Judy K., for the Teacher2Teacher service

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