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K-5 adoption of investigations

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From: Claudia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 24, 1999 at 08:31:58
Subject: Re: K-5 adoption of investigations

	At my school, when we had to combine classes and actually teach two
different grade levels, we found it helpful to have a basic lesson with the
whole group to see what every student did know and understand.  After that
basic lesson, students were put into their IP folders (individual plan
folders).  These were pocket folders with an assignment sheet in the left
pocket.  The assignment sheet had spaces for assignment title with page
number or identification, date assigned, date due, and a space for grade/
comment.  In this way, after the initial lesson, students in the same
classroom were working on whatever was appropriate for that specific child.
It might actually be remediation or enrichment, and it might be below grade
level, on level, or above.  It was simply known as the student's IP.
Therefore, no comparisons were made between students.
     For example, if I were teaching number sense to a combination K/1 or a
1/2 group, I would follow the NCTM strands along with my state and district
guidelines.  After some pre-testing to find out what students know and
understand, I would present my basic lesson of the day.  Along with that, a
lesson might be some practice work.  I would probably use a menu approach
so that students have a choice of the actual activities they would work on
that day.  I would include some games, centers, challenges, problem solving,
and critical thinking.  Since the strands for each grade level are basically
the same, in a multi-age or multi-level group, I would simply have various
supporting activities that fit the needs of the children.
     You are welcome to contact me at Judybishop@aol.com if you would like
to continue this discussion.

 - Judy Bishop for the Teacher2Teacher service

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