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Graphing calculators

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From: Claudia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 16, 1999 at 09:47:41
Subject: Re: Graphing calculators

It is a difficult situation to constantly deal with. However, one thing you
can do is ask us about a particular calculator. We can find out if we do not
already know!  Another would be to go to the website for a company and read
the details. TI also has a 1-800 phone number which would answer your specific

FYI - Both the TI-92 and the TI-89(New) have symbolic manipulation
capabilities, meaning they can differentiate and integrate with variables.
Be aware, that if it only formula you want, any of the graphing calculators
can PROGRAM the formulas into the calculators!

It is disappointing that your student lied to you.  Realize, though, that
with the exception of the TI-92, most of the other calculators ARE allowed
on parts of the AP exam!  One solution would be to give students a non-
calculator page of a test and then allow the use of calculators on the
rest!  Also include some writing and explaining questions, so that if
students choose to use calculators they still have to know what the "black
box" is doing!  There is no way you can police it, so make your life easier
and make them more knowledgeable by adjusting how you ask test items!

Let me know if I can help further!
 -Claudia, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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