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Low Performance in Mathematics

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From: Cynthia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Feb 07, 2006 at 00:33:06
Subject: Re: low performance in mathematics

Hi Ben,

Thanks for writing to T2T. You might check SAT data. When students take the
SAT, they report certain personal data and this gets correlated to SAT

For example, SAT scores are correlated positively to parents' education. So 
there was a joke, how do you increase your SAT score? Send your parents to 
college. :-)

Good luck,

>what accounts 4 low performance in mathematics among high school
>students? i'm doing aresearch on this and would like to compare the
>performance of students
>1. in the boarding hse and day students
>2. from living with single parents & those living with both parents
>3. the educational level of student's parents
>4. the occupation of parent(s)
>5. economical status of students parents
>6. students in relationships & those who are not
>7. teacher qualification, etc.
>anyone with knowledge or material on how the above (and/or other factors)
>can affect a student's performance in mathematics (or generally in all
>other subjects) should please help me out via dabenas@yahoo.com

 -Cynthia, for the T2T service

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