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Math program selection

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From: Ralph (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Mar 01, 2007 at 10:18:58
Subject: Re: Math program selection

Dear Mary, Thank you for writing to T2T. Textbook selection is always a difficult and stressful task, since, as you say, there are always pros and cons with every series that you look at. From a personal point of view, I'm delighted to hear that your school is moving away from Saxon Math -- I believe there are MANY stronger and more suitable options out there! The advice to choose a program that's on the NSF "Exemplary and Promising" list of mathematics programs does make a lot of sense, but you mention a locally developed program that NSF would not have looked at that might be fine for your purposes, too. Here is a website that lists the NSF-listed programs, gives an indication of strengths and gaps, and even suggestions for supplements that would address them--you might find it helpful to your deliberations: Of course you can also go to the websites for the programs themselves, to see what kind of support is available there--obviously the program website is not going to "identify weaknesses" for you :), but it WILL give you an idea of how the program functions, what additional resources are available, etc. For example: http://everydaymath.uchicago.edu/ or http://www.mathtrailblazers.com/ Don't think I've been helpful enough to earn "chocolate" :) , but hopefully I've given you some ideas that might help as you move forward with your decision. Good luck! -Ralph, for the T2T service

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