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Internet in the Classroom

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From: Claudia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 29, 1998 at 19:27:42
Subject: Re: Internet in the Classroom

1. What can you suggest about how to incorporate technology in high school math or computer science classes? ...technology doesn't just mean internet access. Regarding computers and calculators, I feel they are essential to both math and science understanding. They allow an "enhancement" to occur that wouldn't be possible without. I use the Internet primarily as a resource for special projects. One class has been studying logistic curves, and they researched to find data sets and information. Another group has been doing history of math things. 2. What kinds of pedagogical issues should a beginning teacher keep in mind? Students can easily stray without proper direction. ALSO, use TECHNOLOGY to enhance, not in lieu of understanding and basic skills. Don't do something so you can say you did it on the computer! 3. Using computers during class can be distracting... or it can deepen the lesson? Deepen with proper planning. Have specific goals; i.e., "Look up something about math history" as opposed to saying "Find the controversial method that Cardano published that angered Tartaglia." 4. How to do this effectively? Time; planning; learn from your mistakes. Sometimes it is hard to know how far you can trust students - maturity is a big factor on their part! 5. If you were giving a presentation at the WMC (Wisconsin Mathematics) meeting in Green Lake, what would you actually say to a room full of high school teachers about the resources you've gathered? I would say to use them wisely. I would prioritize, because teachers don't have time to look up each one. I would have the list carefully organized by topics and grade level.. .resources, teacher aids, etc.

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