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Mathematics and laptops

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From: Jenny (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Aug 26, 1999 at 13:00:38
Subject: Re: Mathematics and laptops

Wow!  What a wonderful opportunity!.  I would like to suggest you start by
looking at Suzanne Alejandre's web page - it has some wonderful examples of
using computers in a middle school environment.  Many of these do use the
web, but in some innovative ways that goes beyond searching the web.


Check out her link to her home page for some other ideas.  Suzanne is very
approachable, so you might want to e-mail her also.

I don't know what software you have available - if you have access to
Geometer's Sketchpad, look at the Middle School book they publish - lots of
good suggestions there.

Also, there's nothing wrong with using a spreadsheet for data analysis and
asking students to analyze graph.  You can get lots of data from the
internet (so you don't have to enter it) or have the students do a survey, 
enter and analyze the data.  Put it together with a word processing program 
and a drawing program, and students can write a good, illustrative report.

You might also want to consider using the computers for journaling. Students 
tend to write more when they can use the computer.  It might also be easier 
for you to read and reply to them.

 -Jenny, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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