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Counting beyond 100

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From: Laurie Connole <connolel@fccps.org>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Mar 25, 2010 at 16:28:24
Subject: Re: Counting beyond 100

Thanks so much Claire, your email was helpful.

To answer your question, No, our memory of not saying "and" was simply from
memory, and not from any published sources - just our "local math experts."
We determined to try and stick with NOT saying the "and," especially when
modeling counting with the children.  We also determined that this would be
more consistent with teaching the correct way to write beyond 100. For
example, the number 110 written as 110, rather than writing 10010, as
Kindergarteners are prone to do.

We did also discuss though that we do use "and" when teaching place value,
such as "10 bundles of 10 straws and 9 more straws" to represent 109. It is a
subtle difference. Nonetheless, I plan to model counting without the "and"
but also not correct the students if they do use "and."

Thanks again.

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