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Concerns about my children and math

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From: Suzanne (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Mar 28, 1998 at 16:24:39
Subject: Re: Concerns about my children and math

Bravo to you for trying to help your children even though they may be
rejecting your help. It is important that your children know the basic 
multiplication facts. Have you tried making the practice process into a game?  
Some of the following ideas work for some children. Every child is different 
so maybe you can find something that clicks with your children.  

A few ideas:

  1. Set a timer and see how many facts they can respond to in 3 minutes.
  2. Create a chart and put stickers or "smiley" faces on mastered facts.

  3. Offer a simple reward for each 5 facts that are mastered.

  4. There are some computer programs available commercially that are fun and 
     offer good practice.

  5. Use problems in context. You need to buy 3 pencils and they are $.06 
     each. How much money will you need?  

Allow your children to help you make up some of these problems. Then after 
the children have helped to create them let them solve their own problems.

Another thing I did with my own children was to practice while in the car.  
I would ask them responses to specific facts from one mile marker to the next 
on the Interstate. Then they would give me problems between the next 2 mile 
markers. We would continue to do this for several miles. This probably is not 
a good idea in an area of heavy traffic, but I am in a very rural area.

Good luck,

- Suzanne, for the Teacher2Teacher Service

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