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Order of operations: Algebra

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From: Rita (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 15, 2000 at 14:36:36
Subject: Re: Order of operations: Algebra

One helpful source is probably under you finger tips.  Most textbook series
have an enrichment workbook that contains games and puzzles that reinforce
and develop concepts. I found one that has calculator riddles that require
the students to do the correct order of operations to solve a riddle.  When
they get the correct numerical answer they turn the calculator over and it
spells a word that answers the riddle.  I also required that they write the
numerical result at each step in order to avoid the copying of answers of
others.  The students really get into this and are motivated to find out why
their answer didn't turn out the same as another students, and it is all due
to order of operations.  It makes a great point how we must be consistent in
our applications of mathematics.  To remember Order of Operations we use this
mnemonic..for the 4 steps.
    1    2       3        4
Please Excuse My dear Aunt Sally

Be sure to stress that M/D for multiply and divide is left to right just as
Add and subtract is.

Good luck.  If you can't locate such a sheet E-mail me a fax number and I
will send you what I use.  rmpaton@hotmail.com

-Rita, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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