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Including "low" students in the main curriculum

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From: Susan (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Aug 23, 1998 at 13:16:11
Subject: Re: Including

Jamie, It has been my experience that when people talk about "low" students, they really mean "low in the 4 basic operations." I travel around to 5 buildings and teach math in other classrooms, and I often CANNOT tell which are the special education students and which are regular, or on level. The reason? I expect the same things from the "lower" students as I do the others. Questioning techniques are important. Using a constructivistic point of view, I force students to answer their own questions, construct their own knowledge, in a guided format. Making students explain answers with a, "Why do you think so?" or "Prove it!" or "Give some example as to why you think this is true." Encourages all kids to have mathematical confidence. I also do many geometrical, spatial things, as I have found that often the kids who have trouble with number facts do remarkably better than their peers in spatial sense and reasoning. -Susan, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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