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From: Ryan
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Sep 03, 1998 at 21:52:03
Subject: Tracking

I am very frustrated with the bipolar classes that I have been getting lately. I have some students that can't do or figure out 2 x 3 and equally large group that has mastered the multiplication tables. I have tried mixed grouping for several years and it does not help. I end up running around the room from one low student to another. I can't give each student individual attention in a class of 36. I am thinking of ability grouping. So, the students that understand quickly can work without being disturbed by me helping the other students or some students giving up and being rowdy before I can get to their table. This way, I can help only a few tables while the others finish their work. By the way, after researching homogeneous grouping studies, I am under the impression that the study results are only satisfying "Political Correctness Policies." Is either that or someone is justifying their job again in the Department of Education. As a math teacher I understand how to make statistics say anything you want them to say.

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