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Elementary math teaching

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From: Roya (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 22, 2001 at 13:08:26
Subject: Re: Elementary math teaching

Hi Tamea, I posted your questions on an internal discussion board and this is one response from Joe Goodwin: ************ >When did you decide to become a teacher? Actually, I first decided to become a teacher when I was in high school. I tutored the kids next door and it just felt right. Also, my high school had a child development program where we ran a day care in the school. We got to teach lessons and play with the kids. It was great and truly made me feel that it was the job for me. >What or who inspired you to become a teacher? What? I guess the idea of having an impact everyday...not just pushing papers around. >What challenges did you face during your first year as a teacher? Getting respect from the students and from the other teachers. It's not easy being the new "guy" and it took a while to get set. >How have you developed as a teacher since you began? I feel that my class management is leaps from where I was when I first started. Also, I feel that I can predict outcomes before they happen; it's like ESP. >What choices have you left behind in order to become a teacher? Being a 23-year-old who can go out anytime; do whatever he wants; and "call off sick" because your buds want to go on a road trip. Once you become a teacher, it's a 24 hour job. Kids are everywhere and your steps are closely monitored. >For you what is "good teaching"? Getting every kid involved and excited to be active. >What do you like about the school system? The hands-off approach. I am able to basically do what I want in my class. I don't feel that every action is being looked at and scrutinized. >What don't you like? I don't feel that there is a standard between all the administration that makes me feel that all the kids are getting the same discipline. >What would you change? Less paper work. I hate collecting money for this...Taking up picture money...Field trip money...it's a real pain that probably could be restructured so there is less pressure on the classroom teacher. ************ We will send you other answers as well if we get any more responses. Hope this helps. -Roya Salehi, for the T2T service

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