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From: Marielouise (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Oct 23, 1998 at 15:04:14
Subject: Re: Math Tricks

One of the ideas that I have used for a long time is for the definition of a logarithm: If (base)^(Exponent) = (Number) then, log (Number) to the (base) = Exponent b^E = N, if log N to the b = E. When doing transformations of functions remember: RST! Do your Reflections first, then your Size changes of compressing or stretching and then your Translations of sliding up, down, right and left. This helps students when they are trying to decide what the equation of a transformation is when looking at a graph. They then do the RST in reverse order: Translate first, then change sizes and then reflect over x-axis or y- axis. -Marielouise, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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