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Teaching Problem Solving

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From: Roya (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Nov 12, 1998 at 20:04:07
Subject: Re: Teaching Problem Solving


You may want to read a book called "Collaborative Inquiry in Science, Math,
and Technology" by Dennis Adams and Mary Hamm published by Heinemann

Another book is called "Math Strategies" published by
Options Publishing (http://www.optionspublishing.com/621.htm)

Another book is called "The Art of Problem Solving: A Resource for the
Mathematics Teacher" edited by Alfred S. Posamentier published by Corwin
Press, Inc.(http://www.corwinpress.com)

There is also another problem solving book that touches on some of the issues
you raised.  The book is geared toward high school students, but the ideas
shared in the teacher's resource book can be applied at any level.  The name
of the book is "Problem Solving Strategies: Crossing the River with Dogs and
Other Mathematical Adventures" by Ted Herr and Ken Johnson, published by Key
Curriculum Press.

Below are a couple of excerpts from the book which I thought were interesting.

Good Luck.

"We feel that problem solving is very important. We also feel that good
problem solving skills don't necessarily come naturally but can be taught.
Students need lots of opportunities to learn how to choose an appropriate
strategy to solve a given problem."

"This class is built around groups. The teacher's role is often just to
stay out of the way."

 -Roya, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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