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Algebra for all 8th graders

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From: Kristina (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Dec 03, 2001 at 11:19:59
Subject: Re: Algebra for all 8th graders

Dear Peter,

I found a few discussions in the Math Forum archives that touch on this topic. 
I thought some of them might help you and other teachers in your district plan 
for the changes your superintendent is requesting.

The discussions are here if you want to do your own search:

I found this in mathed-news:
  Subject:      Algebra Report
  Author:       Shelley Kriegler <kriegler@ucla.edu>
  Date:         Thu, 11 Jun 1998 19:12:19 -0700

  Culver City Unified School District detracked its middle school beginning in
  1993 and offered Algebra to all 8th graders beginning in 1995.  The full
  report "Algebra:  Providing Access for All - One District's Story" is now
  complete and availble.  It includes information about what we planned, what
  we did and how we did it.  The report also includes results (data) and
  discussion.  If you are interested in receiving a report, please e-mail me
  your address, and I will be happy to send one along.

  Shelley Kriegler 

For this next discussion, you might be able to glean some ideas, although 
there is a lot to read and some pretty heated comments:
When should students take Algebra? math-teach discussion

Should all 8th graders take Algebra? math-teach:

Good luck!

 -Kristina, for the T2T service

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