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Freezes on math tests

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From: Kimberley (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Dec 17, 2001 at 20:08:05
Subject: Re: Freezes on math tests

Dear Jannette,

Some ideas I have tried in my class include the following:

Let students use extra credit points earned at another time to buy a hint or
a nudge in the right direction for a problem.

Have the student take the test with the rest of the class, then at another
time (during a study hall?) have the student redo the missed questions with
me.  I use a combination of the two grades to determine that test grade.

Test a student orally.  I used this with a student who couldn't hold a pencil
and knew so much about what he could do in math.  It's an ideal method but
takes a lot of time.

Allow a student to write a card or a page of notes to bring into the test.
This acts as a "security blanket" and often students tell me they didn't need
to use them but it made them feel less anxious.

Is there someone who can help your son with relaxation techniques which can
relieve the anxiety on the test?

Is this something which happens only on math tests or does it happen in other
classes as well?  Has it happened in previous years?  Answers to those
questions may also yield some ideas.

Hope some there is something here which will help.

 -Kimberley, for the T2T service

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