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Counting Coins

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From: Carol Thomas <misscarolt@yahoo.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Nov 13, 1998 at 16:20:44
Subject: Counting Coins

I am having trouble with my second grader. He has just turned 8. He recognizes all of the coins, he knows that a nickel is 5 cents, a dime is 10 cents and so on. He knows how to count by 5's and by 10's, BUT when you ask him to count coins (example: 1 quarter 1 dime 2 nickels 1 pennies), he says 25 cents for the quarter which is correct but to add them all together he says "25" and then counts each of the next coins as 1's, so he says he has 29 cents! Help me to help him understand. He is an A & B student in school, but he just does not comprehend counting money! Thank you very much.

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