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need specific problems from a specific textbook

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From: Nyna <nyna@mcqueeny.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Feb 24, 2002 at 22:41:31
Subject: Re: need specific problems from a specific textbook

>>I am trying to help a neighbor's 16 year old. He is very bright, but >>failing HS due to a multitude of reasons. I am trying to function as his >>tutor/mentor. I am not a professional tutor. His Algebra II teacher has >>been kind enough to allow him to retake several tests he miserably failed. >>The first make up test is tomorrow. Of course, he "forgot" his textbook in >>his school locker, to which he does not have access this fine Sunday >>afternoon. I have signed up for hotmath.com to check his work. However, it >>doesn't (or I can't seem to figure how)give the problem, just the >>solution. Does anyone know where I can get the actual problems? I have had >>him call every kid for whom he has a phone number and none of them brought >>home their textbooks, purportedly. I don't want him to think he can weasel >>out of his work so easily with me. I also want to teach him that if he >>applies himself, solutions can be found to problems such as "getting >>around the fact" he forgot his textbook. BTW, he uses Title: Algebra 2: An >>Integrated Approach, Author: Larson, et al Publisher: Heath McDougal >>Littell > >Hi Nyna, > >Upon Claudia's suggestion I did a search on the web and found the following >lessons from that book online: > >LARSON ALGEBRA 2 CHAPTER 1, LESSON 6 >http://www.classzone.com/larson2000/algebra2_demo/common/chapter1/pdfs/2_01_6 >.pdf > >LARSON ALGEBRA 2 CHAPTER 1, LESSON 7 >http://www.classzone.com/larson2000/algebra2_demo/common/chapter1/pdfs/2_01_7 >.pdf > >I doubt that any of these lessons are what you're looking for but here they >are anyway. For future, I suggest, you ask the Algebra II teacher for an >extra copy of the textbook (to borrow) for your use. This way you don't have >to rely on the student. > > -Roya Salehi, for the T2T service > > >Thanks for visiting our on-line community. >Visit Teacher2Teacher again at http://mathforum.org/t2t/ Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I did do a search on the web that led to the publisher's site, where I found an online Algebra I book. Although its a great idea, it obviously didn't solve my problem. And I appreciate you taking the time to search. You're right, those weren't the lessons I needed. (I did get excited for a minute, though, because I needed Chapters 6 & 7, and your "find" was for lessons 6 & 7, but the wrong chapter!)Thank you for the effort, though!

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