Writing Equations of Lines

submitted by: Brandon Lyon
on Thu Dec 8 23:08:18 2005

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Course: Algebra 1
Topic: Writing Equations of Lines
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  November 16, 2005 As part of my Computer Aided Mathematics for Secondary Teachers class at Utah State University I had the opportunity to teach an Algebra class at Mount Logan Middle School. The lesson was Writing Equations of Lines and it was taught using the enlvm online teaching program at Utah State.

I was able to observe the lesson being taught in the class period before mine so I was able to familiarize myself with the lesson before diving in. I had went over the lesson in the days leading up but was still a little nervous going in, so being able to observe calmed me down and helped prepare me a little better. I also have to admit that I was a little worried about how the students would be. I had heard stories about how students can be with student teachers. I have worked alot with teenage kids in other areas so I wasn't worried about being able to handle them but I was interested in seeing how the would be. To my suprise the students were very well-mannered and they really took to the lesson and enjoyed working through it.

The lesson itself went very smooth. We were able to go through an introduction on determining slope and the y-intercept and then I set the students loose on a series of tutorials and exercises theat taught them how to write equations when given two different kinds of information. First, they learned how to write an equation when given the slope and the y-intercept and then how to write one when given the slope and a point on the graph. They really picked up quickly on writing the equations when given the intercept, most of the students moved through those exercises fairly quick. It was when just given a point that they began to struggle a little bit. They had a hard time initially getting started with the equation. But, built into one of the tutorials was an algorithm showing how to come up with the equation. So, the students were able to start working through those exercises with the help of the algorithm

Unfortunatley, we ran out of time and were not able to get through all of the exercises using a point. There was also an online quiz that we were not able to get to. Overall, I really enjoyed my first opportunity to teach math in a school. One thing that I would have done different was to split the lesson up into two separate lessons, the first using the slope and y-intercept, and the second using slope and a point. I think this would ensure the students gaining a better understanding of the concepts, especially the ones that they struggled with a little. All in all I was happy with my first experience and am looking forward to many more.

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Thu Dec 8 23:08:18 2005