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This list offers good places to begin looking for 3rd-5th grade lesson plan collections or materials on which to base them. For more sites, see our page of individual 3rd-5th grade lesson plans, or browse or search the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.
 Math Forum Lesson Plan Collections
    Exploring Data - Math Forum/USI
    Pages for finding and displaying data sets, designed to support workshops on statistics given by the Math Forum for the Urban Systemic Initiative in Philadephia and San Diego. Included are: links by level to relevant statistics Standards (NCTM, California, Philadelphia); lesson plans for collecting, analyzing, and/or displaying data; sources of data sets, general information, courses, and statistics software on the Web; and an "Oceans of Data" page with a data set (diving records) to download, instructions for making a ClarisWorks graph, suggested questions for discussion, and related 'ocean links' (NOAA, SeaWifs, tide tables, etc.). more>>
    A Tour of Fractions - Math Forum
    The Web often seems more like a maze than an organized set of resources. To help you find what you need, the Math Forum presents a 'tour' of fractions, offering links to lessons, activities, and materials, questions and answers from Ask Dr. Math, and recommended software, grouped by level (elementary, middle school, high school). Material on fractals is included. more>>
    A Tour of Measurement - Math Forum
    A central resource for people teaching and learning about measurement. For teachers there are links to lessons and materials, questions and answers from Ask Dr. Math, and recommended software, grouped by level (elementary, middle school, high school). For students there are general reference materials and questions and answers from the Dr. Math archives. more>>
 Other Online Collections of Lesson Plans
    Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plans: Mathematics
    K-12 lesson plans categorized by subject (Algebra, Applied Math, Arithmetic, Careers, Functions, Geometry, History, Measurement, Number Sense, Number Theory, Patterns, Probability, Process Skills, and Statistics), as well as links to internet sites featuring mathematics lessons. more>>
    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
    A site for finding federally-supported educational resources. There are subject listings (including Mathematics) and a search engine, favorite sites (reviewed by users), more sites for students, comments and feedback forms, and the opportunity to be a FREE partner in developing Internet-based learning modules and communities. more>>
    Internet Lessons - Susan Boone; GirlTECH '95, CRPC, RUSMP
    Lessons with an Internet component, developed for GirlTECH'95, a program funded by CRPC Rice University and the RUSMP. A Functional Housing Market asks students to search the Internet for housing prices and compare them to the area of a house, thus deriving a linear equation. The Internet Pizza Server lets students order pizzas, calculating their area and determine the better buy. With Pop Clock, students look at the census site, study data and make predictions on future populations. Find the mean and median speeds for racers in the INDY 500. Study rates and speeds by using the Real-Time Traffic Report. more>>
    K-12 Teaching Materials (Mathematics Archives) - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)
    An extensive list of Internet sites with significant collections of materials that can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level. Organized into categories: lesson plans, schools, software and other K-12 Internet math sites. more>>
    Mathematics Lesson Plans: Math - Elementary (K-5) - Columbia Education Center (CEC)
    K-5 math mini-lessons, listing author, grade level, subject, overview and purpose, objectives, materials needed, and activities and procedures, including materials for learning basic operations, using manipulatives, and studying fractions, place value, ratio, estimation, problem-solving, measurement, positive and negative numbers, and more. more>>
    MegaMath - Nancy Casey; Los Alamos National Laboratory
    The frontier of mathematics is an exciting place, where mathematicians experiment and play with creative and imaginative ideas, many of them accessible to young children; others (infinity is a good example) whose profound mathematical importance is not widely known or understood. MegaMath is a project of the Computer Research and Applications Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them together. See also more>>
    SMILE Program Mathematics Index - Science and Mathematics Initiatives for Learning Enhancement
    Over 200 single-concept lesson plans in the following categories: Geometry and Measurement, Patterns and Logic, Probability and Statistics, Recreational and Creative Math, Practical and Applied Math, Arithmetic, Graphs and Visuals, Algebra and Trigonometry, and Miscellaneous. These lessons may be freely copied and used in a classroom but they remain the copyright property of the author. more>>
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