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Chryzoden: Eine Bilderreise in die Zahlenwissenschaft (Arithmetik)
Using circles to represent numbers - an investigation into the grammar of shapes and resonances where simple multiplication can produce astounding images.

Ka's Geometriepage - Monika Schwarze
Software, Informationen, erprobte Unterrichtsmaterialien zum Geometrieunterricht der Sek I mit vielen kommentierten Links. A Web site for teachers and lovers of geometry with software, information, classroom materials and problems, descriptions of links to other interesting geometry sites, math education, and much more.

Geometrie mit dem Computer - Monika Schwarze
A German Web site: all about teaching computational geometry in the classroom. A place to interact with other teachers about software and teaching techniques and a forum for students to discuss geometry, sharing questions and ideas about problems and concepts.

Research Centers

The Chaosgruppe
A non-profit scientific Association for direct support of current research projects and dialogue between faculties and interested amateurs about phenomena of nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation. The association produces a Who's Who Handbook of nonlinear dynamics, a journal for its members, and several publications. Chaos Research deals with systems that show complex structures in time or space, often hiding simple deterministic rules. Once these rules are found, it is possible to make short-time predictions and gain efficient control.

Mathematischen Instituts Bonn
Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn, Germany. Das aktuelle aktualisierte Wochenprogramm; Zukuenftige und alte Wochenprogramme; Papers Mathematik / Papers angewandte Mathematik; Rechner und Internetbenutzung an der UNI Bonn fuer Mathematiker; Unsere vollcomputerisierte Bibliothek; Fachschaft; Studienordnung, Vorlesungen, Infos zum Institut, etc.; Server Statistik; persoenliche HOME-Pages . Wider German language links.

Articles and Publications

Linear & Nonlinear Programming - Preprints and FAQs
PostScript files and some abstracts. Many articles in German.


Math shareware in German, French, and English. A reference program for Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Stochastics, and Linear Algebra.

L(a)TEX Navigator
General documentation about (La)TeX; The (La)TeX local guide of our site (LORIA) (in French); Bibliography and indexes; Literate programming; Classes; Macros and packages; Fonts and symbols; Graphics; Formats and tools; Engines; Distributions; Typography; Museum: TeX, Knuth, Lamport, etc. (historical documents); Bibliography on TeX & Co; FAQs, miscellaneous ...; File search on the CTAN archive (; Servers dedicated to (La)TeX (WWW and ftp).

Cinderellas Café - Java geometry software
A powerful full-featured dynamic interactive geometry program, available in German, written using Java as the programming language. A demo version of some of the features is available on the Web. It includes a true symbolic theorem prover. Although the demo version lacks some important parts, there are loci (even dynamic ones), and examples of using Cinderellas Cafe reconfigured in web-pages or as interactive worksheets. Other highlights: spherical, polar and hyperbolic interactive views of the same construction in multiple windows, including arbitrary conics.

Other Educational Resources

Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet e.V.
The WWW as a Learning and Teaching Aid. A service mainly for German-speaking schoolteachers, pupils, and parents. FAQs; How to cooperate; Free Homepages; Forum; Software; Email; Mailing lists.

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