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Project Ideas

Collections of Suggestions

-  The Data Library
- Pat Daley
    Data-sharing projects, spreadsheets, and other sources of data on the Web.

-  Designs with Circles
- Suzanne Alejandre
    An activity exploring the geometry involved in some circle designs.

-  Exploring Pascal's Triangle
- Judy Ann Brown
    Pentatope Numbers
    Fibonacci Numbers
    Sierpinski Triangle

-  Exploring Polyhedra
- Suzanne Alejandre
    Paper Nets

-  Investigating Fractals
- Suzanne Alejandre
    Chopping Broccoli
    The Fractory

-  Magic Squares
- Suzanne Alejandre
    Activities for four different magic squares: Lo Shu, Sator, Dürer, and Franklin.

-  Pick's Theorem
- A. Bogomolny
    Does it hold for 3-dimensional objects?

-  Probability and Statistics
- A. Bogomolny
    Simpson's paradox
    Bear cubs problem
    Misuse/Misconception of Statistics

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