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This page describes some important new ideas and challenges to the All the King's Digits game. So please read it carefully.

The first idea is that we are setting up a special "honor roll" list. This will be like a club, whose members have submitted what we feel are outstanding and creative solutions to the project. Or solutions that have solved a certain challenge that we have proposed.

The name of the club shall be "The King's Digiteers."

And we are proud to announce its first five charter members already (February 22, 2001).

  1. Kelly Buch, #1
  2. Giacomo Boccardo, #46
  3. Eric Kissinger, #3
  4. Jerod Dia, #32
  5. Ellen Li, #36

Kelly was the very first person to send in a solution. Giacomo's solution uses ALL the functions and operations, including grouping symbols, too. The solutions from Eric, Jerod, and Ellen were chosen because they represent responses to the challenge called "The Tail of the Dog", even before it was announced to anyone!

Congratulations, Digiteers!

The next idea is that we will pose some special challenges for you to solve. Here are some to start you thinking.

  • Use the square root function ("sqrt") 4 or more times.
  • Use the cube root function ("cbrt") 2 or more times.
  • Use the summation function ("E") 4 or more times ["E1" not permitted].
  • Use the power symbol ("^") 2 or more times.
  • Use the factorial symbol ("!") 3 or more times.
  • Use eight digits to form four 2-digit numbers.

Do you understand the idea?

Finally, due to the large number of submissions that are now beginning to arrive, we cannot guarantee either of two things happening:

  1. That your solution will be accepted for posting. This is because many individuals are using the 0 to "erase" the effect of many digits. An extreme example would be the following:

    98 + 2 + (1+3+4+5+6+7)(0)

    There's not much intellectual creativity present in that one, you see. You can always try, however, to impress us with the "non-zero" portion as being unusual anyway. You never know; we may like it after all. :>)

  2. That a note to the submitter will be sent in the event that the solution is, in fact, incorrect. Check your order of operations rules carefully. Or look to see if you omitted a digit, or repeated a digit. That has happened frequently already.

With all this being said, we now look forward to your great solutions. Who will be the next "King's Digiteer"? Maybe you, right?

Solutions #1 to #20
Solutions #21 to #40
Solutions #41 to #60
Solutions #61 to #80
Solutions #81 to #100

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