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    La Pagina del Tangram (The Tangram Page) - Giochi on line
      A tangram home page... in Italian!

    Tangram Pieces - December, 1995
      The Geometry Forum Problem of the Week: Which of the triangles are congruent to each other? If the large square has area one square unit, what is the area of each of the seven pieces?

    Solutions to the Tangrams Project - March, 1994
      The Geometry Forum Project of the Month: For which is it possible to make a square using all the pieces from sets of tangrams? Examples of the best solutions submitted are given.

    Tangram and Pythagoras

      A thread from the Geometry Forum newsgroup geometry.pre-college archive that discusses a tangram-assisted proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

    Software by S. T. Han

      The Windows version of Tangram 4.1 is compatible with Windows 98/95 and Windows 3.1. The Mac version is compatible with newer system software and newer Macs.

    How to Make a Tangram Set

      Self-extracting ClarisWorks or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files from the Explorer data base set: Tangram (How to Make) and Tangram (Lesson Plan).

    Tangram Game

      An online tangram game that requires ShockWave, a Netscape plug-in from Macromedia.

    Tangram (Geert-Jan van Opdorp of AI Engineering)

      An interactive tangram game for Java-powered browsers.

    Fay Zenigami's Sample Tangram Lesson

      "To provide students with some insight as to how the tangram pieces fit together, and to stimulate their interest in forming shapes and exploring patterns using the tangram pieces."

    Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)

      Directions for making a variety of polyhedra, with pictures.

    The Heart Breaking Puzzle

      One of a large family of geometric puzzles. "Puzzles of this sort are great for developing spatial-visualization skills. Because some students may not have developed these skills, The Heart Breaking Puzzle initially asks students to use the nine pieces to make as many interesting shapes as they can."

    Tangram Cutout (to print out)

      From "Mathematics to Prepare our Children for the 21st Century"---A Guide for New Jersey Parents.

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