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Virtual Math Teams Project

Editing VMT wiki pages:
Project members can Edit these web pages by using the 'Preferences' link and setting up a user account with the administrator password set to "mathforum")

Introducing the Virtual Math Teams Project:
The VMT Project investigates issues of online collaborative math problem solving by extending the Math Forum's popular "problem of the week" service for use by small groups of students. These issues include the pedagogy of online collaborative learning of school mathematics, the design of appropriate software and the methodology of empirical research in such settings. The National Science Foundation awarded several major grants to Drexel University's College of Information Science and the Math Forum to develop the VMT service. The VMT Project is directed by Gerry Stahl and Steve Weimar.
[Dissertations related to the VMT Project]
[Papers related to the VMT Project]
[Data Corpus of the VMT Project]
[Documentation of Group B in Spring Fest 2006]
[Documentation of Group C in Spring Fest 2006]
[Share your findings of Team C session]

Current software development for VMT:
[Links to development, test and production versions of the VMT system]
[(old-deprecated) Documentation on how to deploy the VMT system for development and server]
[(New) Documentation on how to deploy the VMT system for development and server]
[Specifications for current and future development of the VMT system]
[Procedures for releasing new versions of VMT]

VMT Environment:
[Production System] - [Tomcat Manager] (sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat restart)
[List of Registered users]
Topics are in http://vmt.mathforum.org/vmt_topics/ Socks Drawer http://vmt.mathforum.org/vmt_topics/SpringFest07_SockDrawer.html
[Copper VMT Lobby] (Soon there will be a test application here)
[Teams Session 1] [Sessions 2-3] [Night Session]
[VMT test wiki]
VMT Player
[VMT Player (for tabbed version)]
[VMT Player (for old rooms)] (note: the older version may not run SF05 files)
[VMT Player v1 (2006)] (This is a copy of the player we used to host at home.old. Try this one if the links above don't work for the old rooms)

Current Information:
[Development Planning for VMT during Summer 2009]
[Personas, Scenarios and Issues for VMT 2008]
[Minutes from Project Meetings 2008]
[VMT Spring Fest 2007]
[VMT Lobby Development Document & Specs]
[VMT Rooms Development Document & Specs]
[Papers at CSCL 2007 on meaning making and interaction analysis]
[CSCL terminology]
[Pictures of Local Project Participants]

Wiki Pages for the Virtual Work Teams:
[How to Join] : Instructions to join one of the virtual work teams

VMT Discussion Forums
[VMT Announce]: Announcements of meetings, etc.
[VMT ThinkTank]: Discussion of general project issues
[VMT Pedagogy]: Discussion of pedagogy issues
[VMT Software]: Discussion of software issues
[VMT Research]: Discussion of research issues
[CA Seminar]: Discussion of the Conversation Analysis seminar
[VMT Submissions]: Archive of VMT Submissions and Feedback (DO NOT POST!)

Project Progress:
[Papers related to the VMT Project]
[Minutes from CA Seminar Data Session]
[5 Year Tentative Project Schedule]
[Summer 2006 Planning]
[Fall 2005 Planning]
[Year 3 Planning]
[Report on Year I (pdf)]
[Plan for Year II (pdf)]
[Plan for Year III]
[Plan for Year IV]

Project Data (Password Protected):
[All Data]
ITR - Catalyzing & Nurturing Online Workgroups to Power Virtual Learning Communities:
[Fall 2003 Sharswood Middle School Experiment]
NSDL - Collaboration Services for the math Forum Digital Library:
[Spring 2004 Pow-wow! Experiments]
[Fall 2004 SAT-Chats]
VMT - Math Forum VMT Spring Fest 2006:
[Group B Sessions]
[Group C Sessions]
[VMT Player]

VMT International Workshop -- June 9 - 11, 2004:
[Workshop Report (pdf)]
[Workshop Participant List (pdf)]
[Workshop Agenda (pdf)]
[Workshop Slide Presentations]
[Workshop Pictures]
[Workshop Group Minutes]
[Workshop Conclusions]
[Original Workshop Invitee List (pdf) ]
[Original Workshop Invitation (pdf) ]

Other Resources:
[Intro & Original Grant Proposals]
[Conferences] on CSCL, Collaboration, Group work, Mathematics Learning, etc.
[Other Projects] : Links to websites of other projects
[VMT Website] : Library of experimental data for the VMT Project
[Sample PoWs] : Problems of the Week used for PoWs? (distributed as a handout during the Workshop)
[PoW-wow!] : Information about ongoing Pow-wow! sessions facilitated by the Math Forum
[Software Support for the VMT Project]
[Annotated Bibliographies]

[Interaction Analysis] A methodology for analyzing collaboration; [Other Methods]
[Visiting Researchers]
[Local Researchers]
[Personal Home Pages on this wiki]
[Research Day 2005] - [2006]
[NCTM 05]
[CSCL 05]
[DrMathChats Spring, Winter 2005]
[Winter 2005 HCI design class]
[Winter 2004 HCI design class]
[Math Forum Pilot Program May 2005] [IISWEB]
[Dr. Arthur Powell's Presentation (9/7/05)]
[2006 Planning]
[Upward Bound Summer 2006 Planning]
[CSCL terminology]
[CSCL Workshop at ICCE 2006]
[CSCL Tutorial at ICCE 2006]
[Test MediaWiki]
[Group Cognition Workshop at KMRC, Oct 2006]
[Methodology Symposium at CSCL 2007, July 19, 2007]
[Spring Fest 2007]

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