Using Technology to Transform Students’ Problem Solving Experiences and Perspectives
Ashley C. Miller (lead)
Marie Hogan
Suzanne Alejandre
Thursday, April 14, 2011
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Session 140
Convention Center, 128
Level: 5-9
General Session

Ashley (lead presenter)




Problem solving is an important 21st century skill for all students to master. Technology enables mastery to be a more realizable dream. We will share free online resources that we’ve used in the classroom to transform students from “I don’t get it” into confident problem solvers. Tips for schools with limited technology/resources will be provided.


Our goals include sharing

  • strategies and activities using technology with problem solving to transform students into thinkers
  • economical resources for engaging students in all strands of mathematics
  • technology-based lessons to raise student achievement

We have been able to consistently keep students analyzing and creating and we want to share these tools with others. Attendees will leave with ideas and resources they can implement tomorrow.

Focus on Math:

The mathematical focus of the lessons, activities and strategies will be on

  • two- and three- dimensional geometric shapes
  • geometric relationships
  • spatial relationships using coordinate geometry and geometric modeling
  • transformations and symmetry
  • the process of mathematical problem solving
  • communication of coherent mathematical thinking

Although the sample problems used and the theme of the activities will be the geometry strand, the strategies we share can be used with any of the strands.