Transform Your Geometry Teaching With These Free Online Resources
Steve Risberg
Annie Fetter
Friday, April 15, 2011
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Session 436
Convention Center, 128
General Session

Session Agenda Handout and Online Resources

Steve (Riz)



With over a million pages of cataloged content, the Math Forum is home to a large variety of mathematics resources and lets you easily find reference materials, applets, activities, and problems that engage your students in exploring topics in geometry. Technology helps make the material come alive and allows for dynamic investigations.


Participants will reflect on teaching and learning geometry through an exploration of free online Math Forum resources:

  • The Math Tools Digital Library as a source for technology-based simulations, activities and lessons.
  • Ask Dr. Math as a reference for questions on the mathematics of geometry.
  • The Technology Problems of the Week as a source of fun, relevant problems with an emphasis on communication.
  • Online orientation sessions to maximize effective use of these resources.

Focus on Math:

Teachers can often feel frustrated and stuck within their curriculum or textbook, and don’t always have the time to create their own supplemental materials. Making it easy for them to find informative and engaging technological instructional resources increases their options in the classroom and gives them the flexibility to present topics such as symmetry, tessellations, transformations, and 3-dimensional geometry in compelling and engaging ways and greatly enhance student excitement.