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Unsilence Students' Voices

3:00 - 4:00 Thursday, November 8
    Suzanne Alejandre, The Math Forum, Philadelphia, PA
    Bushra Makiya, CIS 303: The Leadership and Community Service Academy, NY

Every classroom has silenced voices. Why? The speaker will share strategies that increase Practices #1 and #3 focused on students' accountable math talk. Handouts provided.

Powerpoint from session:
    download PPT: session42.ppt
    download PDF: session42.pdf

Three Premises
1. a person learns when they have a voice
2. every classroom has silenced voices
3. there are different reasons why a voice is not heard
Too Many Voices/Too Little Time
Minimize teacher's talk time - no repetition of students' responses
Maximize time students are talking
        Turn and Talk
Individual student ownership
Wooden Legs Videos
Lack of Fluency in the Language
mathematics is a language
establishing need
Moving from Passive to Active Learners
expectations, scaffolding, practice
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