Berry94 Workshop


During the summer of 1994, Math Forum staff members took a trip to Berry College in Rome, Georgia, for a week of intensive Internet and Geometry. Here's some information from the workshop:

Project Work

Total Solar Eclipses
Walter Brooks, Martha Carter, Kris Fitzgerald, and Trish Herndon found data on the last and the next total solar eclipses, such as the speed of the moon's shadow on the earth and the width of the path of the shadow. They found many resources including NASA experts, and maps that had been posted in the news groups.

Soil Erosion
Annette Brooks, Linda Connally, Larue Huckaby, and Julie Pollard received information on Internet about books to use, the different types of soil erosion (coastal, riverbed, etc.), and contouring programs.

Baseball Stadiums
Becky Joslin, Bev Millians, Jim Morgan, and Paul Myers sent inquiries through email and newsgroups, and got information on the histories and dimensions of baseball stadiums around the U.S.

Other Info

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