Beverly Millians

My name is Beverley Millians and I am at Berry College this week for a Geometry Forum workshop. At this point I am a bit vexed because my modem won't talk to me. This morning we went through so many steps that I am not sure if I could repeat even half of them. I am looking forward to becoming proficient by the end of the week and I hope that is not wishful thinking!

My initial teaching experience after college was 4 years that included Trig, Alg. 1, Alg. 2, Plane and Solid Geometry.

My next career was marriage, children and a lot of moving around the country . I taught part-time during those in-between years. In California, I taught GED Prep for 2 years. I also taught a trig class for the Maryland Society of Surveyors for 3 years.

I returned to full time teaching after this long absence I have taught at Clarke Central High School in Athens, GA for 9 years. Up to this year, I taught the remedial math lab so the past year was like starting over as a first year teacher. I had one class each of Informal and Euclidean Geometry. I liked the Euclidean Geometry but was frustrated by the Informal group. Next year I will have 2 E. Geometry and 3 Pre-algebra classes.

There have been so many changes in the math curriculum and in the world in these years. It is truly exciting to keep current with all these advances.

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A. Fetter
June 30, 1994