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1. During the solar eclipse which occurred in spring of 1994, the shadow was traveling at the rate of 1.402 kilometers per second. We are accustomed to using a different unit for rate. Please change the rate to miles per hour.

2. The path of the solar eclipse which occurred in April 1994 was 175 kilometers wide. How wide was this in miles?

3. The path of the first total eclipse to cross land since July 1991 was 135 kilometers wide and the total eclipse lasted 1 minute 52 seconds.

4. The silver mining town of Potosi, Bolivia was 45 kilometers north of the center line of the path of the eclipse. Port Alegre was located 120 kilometers south of the path. Locate a map of the countries of Chile and Bolivia. Using the scale on the map that you find, draw the path of the eclipse.

a. Using your protractor, determine the angle of the path (from due north).
b. The path of the eclipse is 175 kilometers wide. Using the map drawn in question 4, shade the eclipse.
c. What is the area of land from which the eclipse is visible at any given moment?
d. Approximate the area of Bolivia from which the eclipse is visible (all total). The eclipse is visible at Asuncion, Bolilvia at 12:43 UT. Porto Alegre, Brazil at 12:48 UT. Using your map, what is the distance between the towns. What is the rate at which the eclipse is traveling?

5. In a period of 3 hours 15 minutes, the Moons shadow sweeps along a path 14,000 kilometers long. What is the rate?

6. Using the play dough provided, make a model of the earth.

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