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1999 Annual Meeting: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Grand Hyatt Plaza West
San Francisco, CA

Saturday, April 24, 1999

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This conference within a conference, hosted by the Math Forum, will focus on the many ways the Internet can be used by the mathematics education community to support the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The day will begin with short talks by Steve Weimar of the Math Forum and Jon Choate of the Groton School. The conference schedule will feature a series of mini-workshops and presentations, outlined below.


Presenters and Presentations

 Dr. Susan Addington, CSU San Bernardino, CA
  Using Java Applets To Teach Basic Elementary Concepts
    An introduction to Java applets that help students master basic concepts.
 Suzanne Alejandre, Frisbie Middle School, Rialto, CA;
    Math Forum Teacher Associate
  Internet Activities for Middle School Math Classes
    An overview of Suzanne's Math Lessons, which include Web Units, Interactive Lessons and Classroom Activities, and tips for using Technology in the Classroom.
  Creating Tessellations
    Learn to tessellate using a paint program and become familiar with the Tessellation Tutorials site, which in addition to teaching methods includes links to What is a Tessellation?, Where's the Math?, Historical and Geographical Connections, other tessellation sites, and samples of student work.
 Ethel Breuche, The Math Forum, Swarthmore, PA
  Mentoring Math Forum Problems of the Week
    Learn how you can use the Problems of the Week to increase mathematical communication and higher-order thinking skills in your students as they mentor other students.
 Jill Britton, Camosun College, Victoria, British Columbia;
    Cuisenaire/Dale Seymour Publications
  Investigating Patterns: Symmetry and Tessellations
    Explore an educational Web page that offers more than 60 links to sites useful for teaching students about symmetry and tessellations, including many with Escher-related material and interactive components.
 Judy Ann Brown, The Math Forum, Swarthmore, PA
  Math Forum Web Units: Exploring Data and Pascal's Triangle
    Learn more about Math Forum Web Units and how to enrich your teaching with technology and standards-based learning.
 Larry Cannon and Bob Heal, Dept. of Mathematics/Statistics, Utah State University
  Web-based Virtual Manipulatives for K-8
    The National Science Foundation is supporting a three-year project to develop a national library of interactive virtual manipulatives (such as a Virtual Geoboard, Algebra Tiles, etc.) for K-8 materials. The library will be Web-accessible nationwide, and will support the electronic version of Standards 2000. We will demonstrate some early prototypes.
 Claudia Carter, Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
  Math Class Enrichment: Find It On the Web (10-12)
    Incorporating the Internet as a tool for enhancing classroom instruction - some ideas for the meaningful use of online resources.
    A Forum service modeled on Ask Dr. Math, in which experienced teachers volunteer to answer questions about teaching mathematics. See it in action and discuss future directions.
 Jon Choate, The Groton School
  Opening and Closing Remarks
 Bob Coulter, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Missouri Botanical Garden
  Environmental Monitoring - the Natural Way to Integrate Math and Science
    Explore ways to integrate data from the Internet in support of student-centered inquiry.
 Annie Fetter, The Math Forum, Swarthmore, PA
  Hidden Treasures of the Math Forum (K-16)
    Explore areas of the Forum site you may not yet have visited; learn how to use the Math Forum and its range of Internet resources, activities, and support services for math teachers and students.
 Enrique Galindo, Indiana University School of Education
  The Electronic Format of Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
    A technology-rich format of Principles & Standards for School has the potential to make the document even more useful, help teachers better understand the Standards, and promote discussion and reflection about the Standards and how they might be implemented. In this session users will be able to try some of the multimedia electronic examples and learn to use these and other exciting features that are being developed for the electronic version of NCTM Standards 2000. Feedback will also be requested on how the electronic version can be improved.
 Eugene Klotz, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
    Swarthmore College; Co-Director, The Math Forum
  Opening Remarks
 Cynthia Lanius, Rice University, Houston, TX
  Girls and Technology
    Research now confirms what teachers have been observing since we started using computers in the classroom. In general, girls just aren't as interested in technology as boys are. Learn what you can do to help get girls interested in computers.
 Megan Murray, Research Associate, TERC, Cambridge, MA
  Through the Glass Wall: Computer Games for Mathematical Empowerment
    Mathematical and Equitable Game Software (MEGS): descriptions of over 50 commercially available games, with in-depth reviews, sample dialogues of children playing many of the games, and print and Web resources focused on gender equity, mathematics, and technology.
 Leigh Nataro, Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg, VT
  Using the Problem of the Week in Your Classroom
    Learn about the Problems of the Week at the Math Forum and elsewhere; discuss different models of use, curricular connections, and future directions.
 Roya Salehi, The Math Forum, Swarthmore, PA
  The Teachers' Place
    Investigate the Math Forum's multi-level offerings for K-12 teachers and beyond.
 Cathleen V. Sanders, Punahou School, Honolulu, HI
  Creating a Connected Classroom: Distance Learning and Weaving the Web into Traditional Learning
    Using the Internet as a resource in teaching mathematics, beginning with a hands-on exploration of a Distance Learning geometry course that Cathi is currently teaching to high school students throughout the islands of Hawaii. Models for connecting a traditional classroom to the World Wide Web will also be presented.
 Stephen Weimar, Co-Director, The Math Forum, Swarthmore, PA
  Opening and Closing Remarks
  Finding Math on the Web: The Internet Mathematics Library (K-16)
    Refine your understanding of this new version of the Forum's annotated catalog of more than 5000 mathematics and mathematics education Web sites. Learn how to use its highly developed search capabilities, and browse its expanded hierarchical category structure.
  The Challenge of Ask Dr. Math
    Explore the rich resources built up around this popular question-and-answer service. Discuss ways to use it, opportunities for teachers and students, and new developments that will enhance its support of independent inquiry.
 David Weksler, The Math Forum, Swarthmore, PA
    Learn about TappedIn, a resource for real-time, multiuser conversations and Web tours.

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