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NCTM CWaC 1999
Annie Fetter

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A look at areas of the Math Forum site which you might not have seen before, but offer many cool ideas! We'll also talk about areas of the site that you may have questions with, and we'll take requests if there is a topic that you'd like to know more about.

Science Fair Math Projects -

Math is a science, too! This page contains ideas about individual topics of study, collections of ideas, and information about different math and science fairs.

Corner for Interactive Geometry Software -

Pointers to all sorts of materials to use with your favorite geometry software program, including links to places to ask questions and share ideas, lesson plans, tutorials, and samples.

Math Awareness Month -

Did you know it's Math Awareness Month? This year's topic is mathematics and biology.

Learning and Mathematics -

A series of discussions of recent works about how students learn math, in which abstracts of articles were posted to the Math Forum newsgroups and the subsequent discussion was summarized for the archives.

Collaborative Learning -

In 1997, a discussion about collaborative learning took place on the math-teach discussion group. The topics are summarized here.

Mathematicians in Math Education -

A page designed to document and encourage productive involvement of mathematicians in K-12 education, by Susan Addington and Judy Roitman. It includes information on how to join discussions and get involved, with relevant readings.

Traffic Jam -

A classroom-ready write up of an excellent collaborative "game" accompanied by a stellar set of teacher notes - a model lesson for anyone who wants to incorporate active involvement on the part of the students, manipulatives, and the Internet into their classroom, all in one fell swoop.

Internet Software Page -

This page contains links to download most of the Internet software that we use in our workshops.

Forum Software Tools -

Information about the software that drives the various components of the Math Forum site - the guts of the whole operation.

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