Patty's Story: Creating community, creating resources

Patty joined the Math Forum conversation through an online workshop "Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning." She enjoyed the conversation and helped others connect to what they were learning. When she was invited to apply to create more community-facilitated workshops, and become a facilitator of subsequent workshops, she jumped at the chance.

Most recently, Patty has gotten involved in the Math Forum's new Financial Education area. After attending the Financial Education Summer Institute, Patty went back to her own district and began planning a financial education course to offer her students next year. She describes drafting a "project-based math applications course where financial literacy and financial applications are a main focus. I have every intention of utilizing the information, resources and friends I made at the Financial Institute and of course, The Math Forum, to help create a real hands-on, rich, and hopefully collaborative course. (I also know my participation in the Summer Institute was valuable in getting the interest/support of my administrators). I am hoping to write into the curriculum, with permission, some of the financial PoWs, perhaps create or help create some [PoWs]? ... I'd even like to have my students visit Val's blog and some of the articles she referenced."

Patty and her students value the resources they have accessed at the Math Forum, and love being part of the community by helping to create those resources. We're looking forward to sharing the Financial Education Problems of the Week they create,, and participating in the conversations on Val's Financial Education in the Math Classroom blog.

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