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We have a winner!

Bob talking about KenKen

Annie and Steve


The links below are to the printed matter distributed at the booth in PDF format.

About the Math Forum - AboutTheMathForumApril2010.pdf
Professional Development Program
Math Forum Customized and Online Programs
The Math Forum's Online Professional Development Continuum
Graduate Programs in Mathematics Education
Britannica and The Math Forum @ Drexel: Resources & Strategies for Effective Math in Context (MiC) Implementation
What are the Problems of the Week and Why Should I Use Them?
Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series (overview)/PoW Membership Options (price list)
Problems of the Week

Noticing/Wondering Sample: Regional Ratios Scenario || Recording Sheet

Primary Sample: Sweet Dreams

Math Fundamentals Sample: Zoo Train || rubric

Pre-Algebra Sample: Measuring Melons || rubric

Algebra Sample: Slippery Slope || rubric

Geometry Sample: Two Rectangles || rubric

UpperPoW Sample: Squares Inside Squares

Samples of Our Problems - samplepowsall.pdf
Online Mentoring Project at a Glance - omp2009.pdf
Folding the Forum Logo - fractallogo.pdf
Take Dr. Math With You! - drmath.handout.pdf

Claire, booth visitor, Phil, & Marie


Gretchen solving KenKen

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