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July 22-26, 1996 - Watertown, Massachusetts

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Mark Roop-Kharasch

Address: Newton North High School
School: Newton North High School

Hi! My name is Mark Roop-Kharasch and I'm introducing myself to every able bodied individual who has done a workshop. Actually, I don't care if you aren't able bodied, I'm only interested in your minds :-)

I'm also interested in...
..........GAMES that teach math,
..........and of course, using the NET to maximum advantage.

This is only my second year as a math teacher. Prior to being a math teacher I was in high tech for 15 years. Anybody else out there who went from business into teaching? How the heck did you manage financially?

I teach algebra, trigonometry and LOTS of geometry at Newton North High School.
If you'd like to talk more about this, drop me some E-Mail!



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