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Lisa Thomas

Address:Acton, MA<br> Phone:
School:RJ Grey Junior High School

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I am a seventh grade mathematics teacher with experience teaching for three years in both a middle school and a junior high school. I am currently frustrated with the concept of teaching concepts from A to B for the midyear exam and then for the final exam.

The NCTM standards and other pressures request more problem solving and investigative work, which I favor but find time consuming. Students are more engaged and invested in their work when it is fun and meaningful to them, as it is with any individual. The problem teachers have is the national testing constraints and time constraints of the school year. Schools need to deemphasize the score and emphasize the ability to reason and defend their results. An aid to teachers with the same concerns might be for teachers to share ideas, projects, and short cuts( possibly through the use of the internet services) that can help keep within the time constraints of a school day but raise interest for students in the area of mathematics.

I hope to gain some insight about how to use the internet in a more focused manner within the classroom, in order to arrive at other methods of utilizing the internet service.

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