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PCTM, November 8, 2007
Session 84, 3:00 - 3:50, Jefferson Room
Suzanne Alejandre, the Math Forum @ Drexel
Jason Silverman, School of Education, Drexel University

What is algebraic reasoning?
from NCTM: Fundamental components of algebraic thinking
Orienting Questions
What are the various forms of algebraic reasoning?
What helps students to develop these as much as they can?
What are some of the key hurdles or difficult transitions for students to make?
How can online tools help?
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Balloon Booths Temperature Change Traffic Jam
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Tools for Building Math Concepts
This workshop sponsored by Microsoft Corporation introduces the use of computers to develop understanding in these areas through the exploration of patterns and analysis of data.
Grades 5-9
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning
Explore how technology can help students build algebraic reasoning as they model and solve contextualized problems using a variety of representations, including graphs, tables, equations, and words. Engaging, open-construct problems provide opportunities for students to explain their reasoning and processes.
      Register We will begin accepting applications on December 24 for our next workshop.
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