Radnor School District: Geometry
and Algebra Using GSP

August 28 and 29, 2002
Index of Workshops

  General Agenda for Both Groups

The teachers will be split into a Geometry group and an Algebra group. The groups will be working in different labs.
  1. Go through the "Necessary Skills" handout.
  2. Go through the "Required Activities"
  3. Each of the three/four sub-groups is assigned a chapter of the appropriate Radnor text and finds/explores activities that would be useful/relevant to that chapter and reports back
  4. Repeat step 3 with different chapters as necessary
  5. Use the Send a Note to provide feedback.
  6. Tips and Tricks - Using GSP to illustrate in MS Word
  7. 24 Game Online - JumpingLevels.com
  8. Annie's Sample Outline [See also Tom's and Maureen's Outline]
  9. The Math Forum's Problems of the Week [Also read about the PoWs.]


Necessary Skills:
  • plotting points and lines and measuring coordinates, "snap points"
    • "Plot Points..."
    • preferences for measurement
  • plotting functions
    • non-dynamic
    • editing functions
    • using parameters
    • using sliders

    • second-degree, etc.
    • swapping x and y

    • square and rectangular grid forms
    • polar graphs

    • as (x,y) relationships (area vs. length of a side, etc)

    • intersections of "functions"
  • making and using custom tools
    • making custom tools
    • appropriating custom tools from other sketches
    • managing custom tools

Required Activities:
(all activites are from Exploring Algebra with The Geometer's Sketchpad)

  • Raz's Magical Multiplying Machine (page 12) - number sense
  • The Distributive Property: Diving In (page 24) - virtual algebra tiles: using custom tools
  • How Slope is Measured (page 43)
    (note slopes in fraction form - hard)
  • Swans and Giraffes: Introducing Linear Programming (page 62)
    (note that the coordinates of point R move AND change with point R - medium hard)
  • Parabolas: A Geometric Approach (page 87)
  • Representing Functions Dynamically: Introducing Dynagraphs (page 104)


Necessary Skills:
  • basic constructions
  • labeling
  • measurements and calculations
    • tabulate
  • making and using custom tools
    • managing custom tools
    • appropriating custom tools from other sketches
  • managing documents/multiple pages
  • transformations, especially dilation

Required Activities:
(all activites are from Exploring Geometry with The Geometer's Sketchpad)

  • Duplicating an Angle (page 14)
  • Defining Triangles (page 63)
  • Constructing Rhombuses (page 96)
  • Arcs and Angles (page 125)
  • Similar Triangles - SSS, SAS, SSA (page 171)
  • Proportions with Area (page 190)

Shelly Berman, Annie Fetter & Suzanne Alejandre
Send comments/questions to the presenters.

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