Cathi Sanders
On-line Summer Institute Participant
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Name of School

Punahou School

Name of city, state

Honolulu, Hawaii

Number of students enrolled in school

3700 students

General description of school and communities served

This information can be gained by going to the school's Web site.

School's home page

Next year's class assignment

Geometry, Geometry Honors and Mechanical Drawing

Cathi's Web pages

Online math classes for Hawaii students 7-12 (both are part of ESchool, a U.S. Challenge grant funded project of the Hawaii Department of Education) These courses are being moved over to WebCT soon, and will be passcode protected at that point, I believe. But an introductory view of the classes and of other Hawaii ESchool classes can be visited at

Online Geometry class:

Online class on applications of mathematics:

A geometry project I do with my classes:

Webpages created by my geometry students in collaboration with Spanish language students at Punahou:

My MathForum pages on 3D drawing and geometry:

My MathForum pages on tessellations:

An introduction to an ESchoolcourse that I am developing this summer to be taught this coming school year to teachers, on integrating technology into the teaching of mathematics:

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