Tom Robinson
On-line Summer Institute Participant
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Name of School

Kentridge High School

Name of city, state

Kent, WA

Number of students enrolled in school

We're about 1400 this year.

General description of school and communities served

We're suburban, about 25 miles south of Seattle. We're in the 4th largest school district in the state of Washington, although Kent is not even close to the largest cities in Washington. We're about 80% white and 20% minority, with the minorities mixed between Asian, Indian (from India), and African American, with a smattering of Ukrainians thrown in as well. Staff is a little less diverse, but that hasn't been a real issue in my time.

School's home page

Tom's home page

Kentridge Physics Overview

PCPOW (Physics/Calculus Problem of the Week)

On the PCPOW (Physics/Calculus Problem of the Week) we posted questions every two weeks. We gave away winner's pencils for correct answers, then T-shirts to the person who got both questions right AND had their name drawn among all the double winners. Finally, we had a final question only for the weekly winners and we were able to give away a (donated) TI-89 to the winner. It was a huge success from our perspective, and a great exercise for us to combine our teaching with questions that were appropriate yet challenging and interesting. I was the physics guy and Dave was the Calculus guy. It was open to kids, adults, college, anyone of any age.

Next year's class assignment

2 sections of Integrated Math 3, 2 sections of AP Physics, and one section of AP Statistics

Any general bio information

I used to work for Boeing as a network management engineer for 4 years. I coached basketball in Italy during my college years and ended up coaching 7 years at Kentridge before resigning in 1999. I'm writing my second book, called Everything Kids - Science Experiments, due to be published in fall 2001, and my first book is still to be picked up. It's called On The Shoulders of Giants, and it's introductory physics for adults who have always wanted to learn.

Any major interest outside of education?

I am doing content development for APEX Online learning for their AP Physics course which debuts this August. Beyond that, I still am involved in coaching - basketball camps, T-ball. And I am pleased to offer my services as official taster for my wife in her work as a professional baker!

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